Saturday, April 27, 2013

Project 100

Over the course of the last two years Yours Savagely, namely me, has been getting a bit plump. I am at about the weight I was when I was working for Cummin's Tools out on the road... In the mid to upper 290s (that's pounds). That's right, I got fat. I was doing so well, then I got a job where physical activity came to a stand-still. So I brainstormed and came up with Project 100 to get my fat ass self into a shape other than round.
A few of you may remember four or five years ago when I did at least 100 push ups a day for an entire month. That shaped up my chesticles quite nicely but of course I stopped after the month was up.

Project 100 is going along those lines but this is for at least a year. I plan to do at least 100 reps (through a course of several sets) of an exercise every day. I might do push ups one day, squats the next, sit ups on Tuesday or dumbbell curls, rows, dead lifts, you name it.

After the initial pain goes away I'll be letting you, my viewers, pick the work-out of the week wherein I will do at least 100 reps (in a series of several sets) of an exercise of your choosing, every day, the whole proceeding week. That being said, aerobic exercises aren't measured in my world by reps or sets so you can fuck a whole lotta that... Give me two or three weeks and you'll get to pick my punishment....

It'll start at too damned early in the morning on the 28th of April


BlazngScarlet said...

"Give me two or three weeks and you'll get to pick my punishment...."

Oh porkchop, be careful what you ask for!
I'll take great pleasure in picking your punishment(s)!

Have a lovely Sunday .....

BlazngScarlet said...

By the way, you're still a sexy beast! :D

Jane Droll said...

CHESTICLES?!?! ok that is hilarious!

and you look great at 290. most dudes at that weight do not look NEARLY as good!

100 pushups. UGH. i LOATHE doing pushups and situps, but i need to start up again. desk jobs are murder on a body. seriously. UGH!