Sunday, March 31, 2013

And Incidentally ...

I should be sleeping. You may wonder why I said that. It's because I should be sleeping. It's a little after 1 PM (1300) and I am typing in my blog. Wait...
Why should that matter, you wonder. I start my one week of nights before coming back to days tonight, of course. Well, it's not a true week of work in a matter of days. More so. it's like five 10 hour nights. I'm still getting my 40 hours just it's more compact. But then I'm rambling.

I do a lot of rambling actually. You see my tiny, little death-trap of a car that gets great gas mileage has no radio so I talk to myself as I'm driving. I have pretty in depth conversations about several subjects with myself, often arguing the virtues and/or the downsides of each. I also have imaginary conversations where I am chastising some idiot from work or interviewing some fictional character as a doubly so (meaning not a real character in said character's story-line) fictional character. But then I'm rambling again.

And incidentally, Happy Easter....

Friday, March 29, 2013

Flashback Friday

Feel old yet?
I though so...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


With a lack of anything else to post I'll just hit it in random overdrive.

April 12 will be my third year anniversary with Tyson. Does that mean anything special? Maybe. I get an extra week of vacation. I won't use the extra week except to take the cash and put a down on a new vehicle. While I have a gas sipping, tiny, little car I can carry over my shoulder should it run out of gas I need something more practical for the snow.... and something that can hit over 50 miles per hour without whining like a little bitch.

In the past few days I got three shots.
1.) Hepatitis B
2.) Hepatitis A
3.) Tetanus
These are in preventative measure. They aren't required but I work in a waste water facility. Better safe than sorry.
I go back in a month for a follow up shot for the hep b and 6 months for the hep a...

I still like toast

Oh yeah... my new job came with a 21 cent raise. I go to 3rd shift on Sunday. That tacks on another dollar for the differential. How can my life get better?

Not a whole lot on the garden front. Haven't done anything since I planted the onions and potatoes. Fucking snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still single... any takers? I mean, I'm house trained. I'll even put the lid back down. I can cook...

I got up way too early again. Good thing too. How else would I be able to get a post out to you, my seven fans?

Free porn is nifty. I'm trying to keep a budget.

I have taken age off my dating criteria (sort of). Now it is a requirement that (but not limited to) you have used a rotary dial phone and/or played an Atari 5600 or 2700 prior to 1989 and/or have watched Saturday Morning cartoons on a Saturday morning. The rotary dial phone is not optional.

I'll be right back. I need coffee.

Miss me? I know you did.

As soon as I get adjusted to the third shift hours I'll be able to get back to my Rosetta Stone Russian language software and other Russian learning things I own. I find it a rather sexy language for some twisted reason or another.

I heard one of my favorite techno songs the other day on YouTube... I used to listen to it back in the 90's after the band would finish at the club I worked at. It's called James Brown is Dead.
James Brown IS dead now. That makes me wonder what other songs I listened too are actually prophecies.

Currently listening to "I Put A Spell on You"; the Nina Simone version. It's the best.

Big boobs are kinda neat.

I'm done posting for now.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eight Equals Eight

The thing I found most amazing about the company I work for upon the onset of my employment was the fact that we get paid on a weekly basis. For someone who has had so many every other week or twice a month jobs the concept, while welcomed was alien. Now we come to the title of my post....

My current hours (while in training) are Monday through Friday (for two weeks at any rate) from 7AM until 3PM. Do the math. That's eight hours. I get paid during my lunch. How freakin' cool is that? And when I go to third shift I'll be getting a dollar more an hour for the differential pay.

It's a pretty laid back job with a shit load of responsibility (yes the pun was intended) and I'll get paid for schooling when they send me.

I'm learning to take readings on various equipment and environmental settings. I don't know what a lot of it means yet but that will come in time. I'm all eco-friendly now.. hell I even get to play with chemicals in the lab... Muahahahahahhahahhahhahahahahhhahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh yeah. Yours Savagely get to get all mad scientisty!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Readjusting and Other Mindless Prattle

I woke up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early. Like three hours too early, but eh... I guess that's better than too late. I'm sure I'll get all readjusted to this new schedule just in time for me to take my spot on 3rd shift.

High-speed internet is lovely. I have't had high-speed since November 2008. This streaming thing is amazing. I can learn stuff with things like Khan Academy or MIT Open Courseware. Let's not forget free porn... Hellz Yeah!

I need to find a half-way decent digital camera so I can document my denim remakes. I don't just make flared bell bottoms anymore. I now can turn a couple of pairs of old jeans into a corset or a bad ass corsetty dress.

I think I'll play in the garden after work today. I have soil to turn and planning to do. I already got onions in the ground as well as potatoes.

I'm super-excited about work. I start the new job today. Yay!

That is all...

Friday, March 15, 2013


Okay so I am up at too damned early in the morning, typing up a blog entry to a fan base of six or seven people.

I'm pretty ecstatic about starting my new job on Monday. I'll be going to a 4 ten hour day workweek from a fluctuating 3 twelve hour and 1 six hour day work week. Oh my god I soooooo crave the stability.
I'll be able to do things on my time off instead of planning and then canceling the plans because I am too exhausted. I got third shift, which is my preferred shift. Sleep in the mornings, up in the afternoons; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off. Hell! I won't know what to do with myself. I think I'll figure it out. It'll probably be math.

I remember arguing with my math teachers about math I'll never have to use in real life. Oh yeah... that came back to bite me in the ass. I get to learn all about volume and ratios again. If tank A holds a volume of X and chemical B is a volume of Y what is the amount of B I have to put into A to achieve 0.23 parts per million? Yeah... That kinda shit. Kinda makes me feel like river-dancing.

Oh yeah.. I'll be able to spend more time learning Russian. "Why Russian?" you ask. I've been fascinated by the Russian culture since we still used the term "Commie". That and have you seen Mila Kunis?  She might be Ukrainian but I am pretty sure she speaks Russian.

Okay Kiddies, I have to go scrounge around for some breakfast now....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Staring Blankly

This is my third or fourth attempt at posting today.
Let me see...
Besides staring blankly at the screen, I really don't have much so I'll pull up a classic.

Savage Facts

The Savage:
: is trying to learn to speak Russian
: thinks he should have tried to learn French or Italian
: still likes toast
: is glad to be getting out of the parts room
: had his septum (think bull ring) stretched to a 2 gauge (about 6 millimeters or almost 1/4 inch) though it is no longer in that range
: cooks a wicked good pot roast
: loves bacon
: has been around the world and seen that only stupid people are breeding
: can still throw in a song reference whether or not it may be true (in this case not)
: is so agnostic he isn't sure atheism exists
: is looking forward to his first St. Patrick's day off that is over a weekend in a small slice of forever
: wears awesome socks
: can use a semicolon; likes semicolons
: wonders where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods; where's the street wise Hercules to fight the rising odds...
: doesn't really need a hero

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't It Always Seem To Go

My coworker has been off for a few weeks now due to surgery. She is going to be off until the first week of April or so. And this is my last week in the parts room.
A lot of the maintenance people hope I don't like it where I'm going so that I'll come back and keep life easy for them. Some went as far as to tell me they would petition to get me a raise. It doesn't work like that in a corporate company as big as the one I work at. Besides, I need the change.
Waste-water operations isn't a glamorous job but it is a lucrative one and in major demand. The only career in the state of Missouri (nationwide for that matter) in higher demand is a nurse. I have the potential to make in the upwards of $25 and hour with my company (and that is inside of four years) and in the lower six digit range nationwide. If I am stupid enough to want to dodge bullets I can hire on at a company that sends its workers to places like Afghanistan and make around 1/4 to 1/2 a million a year. I don't do the whole possible kidnapping and beheading thing so that's out. All I know is in a few short years I'll be able to live comfortably.
My supervisor doesn't really want me to go because I've made myself indispensable but she's nice enough to hide it and likes to see her team members go onto better things. The maintenance guys on my shift don''t want me to go because I've made their lives easy and they'll have to go back to looking part numbers up and getting yelled at for not completing their jobs in a timely manner until my replacement gets trained. It's kind of nice being the person that every other person is going to be measured against in the parts room. Does my ego good.

Friday, March 8, 2013


How in fuck's sweet name did I used to be able to post so much? I guess it's kind of like chat rooms of old.. There are only a few of us left blogging but I guess I'll trudge on posting as if blogging is still the shizzle yo'. With the lack of an idea to post I'll leave you with a previously posted poem... On of my better ones...

Art Studies

She carved out a bas-relief of claw marks down my back
Critics would be in awe of her talent I know I was I painted her ass a rosy red that complimented her complexion
Her make up was now a Picasso
Her body a Rembrandt
Funny that I met her in an art gallery
The room had become an example modern art
 I think I’ll call it “Sex Mess”
 Or “Messy Room”
Or maybe “She Was Here and So Was I”
The bed became a canvas of debauchery of the highest order
Our bodies both subjects
We sculpted sex into new forms
Unheard of forms
Unheard of out side of porn shops Or my blog
Or your blogs for that matter
I dipped my brush in her paint pot
I had to get the mixture just right I was working on a masterpiece
I was working on my opus
A visual symphony of fucking and screaming
And a whole bunch of, “Oh my gods!” The critics would say
I lifted her off the bed and put her up against that wall
Just under a copy of one of Pollock’s works
Oh, the coincidence!
I copied his style inside her

 -The Savage

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well Shit

Let me see. I've been gone about a year now, ever since my last phone went and got all broken on me depriving my off the slightly faster than dial up but no where near DSL speeds. Yeah, yeah... I've had some sporadic posts letting you all know I was alive but it was no where near the love I could have and should have shown you all. Here's the updates. Since last I blogged I've: : gotten an entirely new (now almost a year old) laptop : went from nights to days at work : went from Monday through Friday to a jacked up, may as well be 12 hour shifts three days a week with a may as well be 6 hour day somewhere in the middle with every other weekend a four day weekend. : gotten accepted in a position in our waste water treatment facility (I figure if I'm going to deal with shit all the time it may as well be literal and I should get a license for it [after a year]) {I start on the 18th of this very merry month of March} : got high speed internet again (fin-the-fuck-ally) just today as a matter of fact : had a short string of really bad dates : got a tiny rice burner car : run out of things to talk about at this point