Monday, March 18, 2013

Readjusting and Other Mindless Prattle

I woke up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early. Like three hours too early, but eh... I guess that's better than too late. I'm sure I'll get all readjusted to this new schedule just in time for me to take my spot on 3rd shift.

High-speed internet is lovely. I have't had high-speed since November 2008. This streaming thing is amazing. I can learn stuff with things like Khan Academy or MIT Open Courseware. Let's not forget free porn... Hellz Yeah!

I need to find a half-way decent digital camera so I can document my denim remakes. I don't just make flared bell bottoms anymore. I now can turn a couple of pairs of old jeans into a corset or a bad ass corsetty dress.

I think I'll play in the garden after work today. I have soil to turn and planning to do. I already got onions in the ground as well as potatoes.

I'm super-excited about work. I start the new job today. Yay!

That is all...


Heff said...

I've planted some Pablano & Jalapeno peppers, and got a few Avacado nuts rooting in water glasses. Gonna see how this shit turns out.

The Savage said...

Nice... Love Pablanos but not a huge fan of the Jalapenos. I'm gonna plant habaneros,ghost chilis, and if I can find them, those scorpion stingers the ones that make the ghosts seem vaguely mild.
No clue what else I'm gonna plant.. probably more berries