Wednesday, March 27, 2013


With a lack of anything else to post I'll just hit it in random overdrive.

April 12 will be my third year anniversary with Tyson. Does that mean anything special? Maybe. I get an extra week of vacation. I won't use the extra week except to take the cash and put a down on a new vehicle. While I have a gas sipping, tiny, little car I can carry over my shoulder should it run out of gas I need something more practical for the snow.... and something that can hit over 50 miles per hour without whining like a little bitch.

In the past few days I got three shots.
1.) Hepatitis B
2.) Hepatitis A
3.) Tetanus
These are in preventative measure. They aren't required but I work in a waste water facility. Better safe than sorry.
I go back in a month for a follow up shot for the hep b and 6 months for the hep a...

I still like toast

Oh yeah... my new job came with a 21 cent raise. I go to 3rd shift on Sunday. That tacks on another dollar for the differential. How can my life get better?

Not a whole lot on the garden front. Haven't done anything since I planted the onions and potatoes. Fucking snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still single... any takers? I mean, I'm house trained. I'll even put the lid back down. I can cook...

I got up way too early again. Good thing too. How else would I be able to get a post out to you, my seven fans?

Free porn is nifty. I'm trying to keep a budget.

I have taken age off my dating criteria (sort of). Now it is a requirement that (but not limited to) you have used a rotary dial phone and/or played an Atari 5600 or 2700 prior to 1989 and/or have watched Saturday Morning cartoons on a Saturday morning. The rotary dial phone is not optional.

I'll be right back. I need coffee.

Miss me? I know you did.

As soon as I get adjusted to the third shift hours I'll be able to get back to my Rosetta Stone Russian language software and other Russian learning things I own. I find it a rather sexy language for some twisted reason or another.

I heard one of my favorite techno songs the other day on YouTube... I used to listen to it back in the 90's after the band would finish at the club I worked at. It's called James Brown is Dead.
James Brown IS dead now. That makes me wonder what other songs I listened too are actually prophecies.

Currently listening to "I Put A Spell on You"; the Nina Simone version. It's the best.

Big boobs are kinda neat.

I'm done posting for now.


Heff said...

"April 12 will be my third year anniversary with Tyson"

Is Mike treating you well ? I heard he's a BITER.....

Anonymous said...

*stares in disbelief and a good safe distance*

BlazngScarlet said...

I like a man who's had his shots ....
And puts the lid down ;)

Jane Droll said...

the 23 cent raise made me laugh. i used to get three percent raises every year (THOSE were the days), and i would complain that they might as well hand me a roll of quarters and be done with it. lol

and your dating requirements made me laugh.

i heard a kind of funny story about that crazy storm that hit the east coast this winter and ended up flooding so many parts of ny and nj and knocked out power for so many. a young person (20ish) had no cell phone service and went to a pay phone to try and make a call. HE DID NOT KNOW HOW TO USE THE PAY PHONE. !!!!!!! he had to ask an older gent passing by for assistance. yeesh, that makes me feel old!

Spiky Zora Jones said...
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Pearl said...

I once dated a big boob that had used a rotary phone...

In other news, preventative shots are a good thing and will help in the search for a new love.

Paka, (you little russian speaker you)