Saturday, May 4, 2013

Project 100 Update (as promised)

For me there really hasn't been any noticeable change but then I don't stare at myself in the mirror.. Okay so I do... I have pretty eyes. Yeah. I just look in my own eyes.

I think I am going to, for the next few weeks at least focus on two primary exercises; squats and push ups since the both hurt so good (I exaggerate) but they provide the quickest results appearance-wise.

I think I'll have some coffee.


BlazngScarlet said...

You know you stare at your sexy self!

Pearl said...

You look something like a guy in my yoga class!


Jane Droll said...

i need to do the push up thing too. UGH! i hate them. i prefer doing light "Girl" weights (lol). anything but push ups and sit ups. but push ups really make a diff, so i should. SHOULD!

anyway! sorry! i am forever babbling on and on (q faster pussycat song -- a reference that really should be lost on everyone!)