Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well Shit

Let me see. I've been gone about a year now, ever since my last phone went and got all broken on me depriving my off the slightly faster than dial up but no where near DSL speeds. Yeah, yeah... I've had some sporadic posts letting you all know I was alive but it was no where near the love I could have and should have shown you all. Here's the updates. Since last I blogged I've: : gotten an entirely new (now almost a year old) laptop : went from nights to days at work : went from Monday through Friday to a jacked up, may as well be 12 hour shifts three days a week with a may as well be 6 hour day somewhere in the middle with every other weekend a four day weekend. : gotten accepted in a position in our waste water treatment facility (I figure if I'm going to deal with shit all the time it may as well be literal and I should get a license for it [after a year]) {I start on the 18th of this very merry month of March} : got high speed internet again (fin-the-fuck-ally) just today as a matter of fact : had a short string of really bad dates : got a tiny rice burner car : run out of things to talk about at this point


Leah said...

I think you had quite a lot to relate there Savvy. Its so good to read your posts again.

So what if you do run out of stuff to say at some point.
It befalls everyone at some point. My own postings are a bit hit and miss anyway.

Hugs, Leah xx

Heff said...

Blogger is DEAD. Enter at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

Same for the SEC and Mizzou, enter at your own risk.

The Savage said...

Leah: Thanks

Heff: I don't have a bar in my basement or a huge tittied wife

Trav: I knew that the moment the ass clowns wanted to play real football. All we got out of it was a basketball title game and who gives a shit about basketball?

Jane Droll said...

well glad to hear you are alive! and gainfully/plus painfully employed!

life without dsl is no kind of life. seriously! bet you are enjoying your connectivity. :)

The Savage said...

Loving it Jane, loving it.