Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't It Always Seem To Go

My coworker has been off for a few weeks now due to surgery. She is going to be off until the first week of April or so. And this is my last week in the parts room.
A lot of the maintenance people hope I don't like it where I'm going so that I'll come back and keep life easy for them. Some went as far as to tell me they would petition to get me a raise. It doesn't work like that in a corporate company as big as the one I work at. Besides, I need the change.
Waste-water operations isn't a glamorous job but it is a lucrative one and in major demand. The only career in the state of Missouri (nationwide for that matter) in higher demand is a nurse. I have the potential to make in the upwards of $25 and hour with my company (and that is inside of four years) and in the lower six digit range nationwide. If I am stupid enough to want to dodge bullets I can hire on at a company that sends its workers to places like Afghanistan and make around 1/4 to 1/2 a million a year. I don't do the whole possible kidnapping and beheading thing so that's out. All I know is in a few short years I'll be able to live comfortably.
My supervisor doesn't really want me to go because I've made myself indispensable but she's nice enough to hide it and likes to see her team members go onto better things. The maintenance guys on my shift don''t want me to go because I've made their lives easy and they'll have to go back to looking part numbers up and getting yelled at for not completing their jobs in a timely manner until my replacement gets trained. It's kind of nice being the person that every other person is going to be measured against in the parts room. Does my ego good.



Hi Savage!!

Do you still work at the chicken factory?

Glad to see you back to posting. Myself I have stopped blogging but like to pop in every once in awhile and read other's blogs. :)

Life seems to be looking up for you,and I am glad to see that.

Pearl said...

$25/hour is nothing to sneeze at.

When you tire of it, North Dakota is blowing up with jobs. :-) It's like the Wild West up there...


The Savage said...

Ubsy: Yes, I still work in the chicken factory. I just made a lateral transfer. It makes me happy that you're still lurking around a bit.

Pearl: Ah yes... The sweet Bakken range. Western Kansas is starting to become very much like it what with all the oil out there.