Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Dirty

While playing with my new garden tiller I somehow managed to extend Garden #3 a bit larger than last year's... Wait. I didn't tell you I have three gardens? That's because I don't. It's more like five and it's going to verge on six next year after I get done with my east field.

I have my raised beds which focus primarily on potatoes, onions, garlic and shallots.. I have a few beds unoccupied in the former primary garden so we'll see what to plant in those spots in the future (most likely hot peppers). Garden #2 where I grew miniature water melons and cantaloupe last year will be where I plant cucumbers and squash this year. Garden #3 is currently a more traditional garden in which I will plant corn and beans, some tomatoes and the hottest peppers I can find. I also have a berry patch up by G1 so I consider them a part of Garden #1.. Semantics... eh
Gardens #4 and #5 are the two tractor tires in which my mother plants her tomatoes and snow peas and whatever she feels like planting down by the house so she doesn't have to schelp out back where I do the major planting....

#6 is going to be the big undertaking it sounds like it's going to be. Hopefully it isn't as rocky as I fear it's going to be. I'll have an acre or so to play with there. Yikes... It's going to involve a bunch of tilling and a bunch of working, with four or five rain barrels to do my watering for me. I go to see if work is willing to part with some empty barrels. There I plan on planting some grapes and some other yummy things, mayhap a small orchard and of course the ever present hot as I can possibly find hot peppers.

So, what do you have planned today?


Heff said...

HBAG has massive flower beds for bulb plants and banana trees, but I DO pot me a few varieties of peppers every year, just to dick around with them. Got me a few Avacado trees started in water glasses, too.

BlazngScarlet said...

I wish I felt that way about digging around in the earth .... but I don't.
I have my herbs growing in pots on the porch, blueberry bush and strawberries.
I would LOVE to be able to have my lemon & lime trees and my avocado ... but it's far too cold here for them.