Sunday, April 7, 2013

In this Post I Review....

Lowes and Menards of Sedalia, Missouri

(Dum, dum, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Considering I have some money from a loan, I decided that I should make use of the money and considering I have been wanting a garden tiller for a while, I decided I should spend some of that money on one. I went to Lowes first. Why? I'll tell you.

I have spent so much time at Lowes Home Improvement in the past that I know where just about everything is kept. I proceeded to the lawn care equipment aisle, took a quick gander at the tillers they had and then promptly proceeded to the rest room. My bladder informed me that I should go. I always listen to my bladder.
In the restroom I heard a couple employees talking about sleep problems they each have and one of the two guys (it is a men's restroom after all... they would have be very ugly women) had to outbitch the other, of course. I didn't get a, "How can I help you?" nor any other conversation towards a prospective purchase which was nice considering the man rules. I finished, washed my hands and proceeded back to the tillers.
On the way back. I saw a flat bed cart unattended with nothing on it and thought to myself, "Score!" I grabbed the cart. I looked at the four available models of tillers for 15 minutes or so.
One electric
One battery operated
One two-cycle standard gas/fuel mix
One four-cycle regular gas mix
All of them smaller

I managed to talk myself into going over to Menards Home Improvement after those aforementioned 15 minutes. And the differences had begun...

The first thing was a girl at the customer service desk who smiled her entirely beautiful smile and said, "Good Morning". It wasn't a rehearsed smile nor was it a rehearsed "good morning". It was the smile and good morning of a person that genuinely liked where they worked. The next thing was (I know where the lawn equipment is and the lumber and the garden stuff but not much more... okay I know where the plumbing stuff is... I've only been there a handful of times) I made my way to the lawn equipment and got the genuine smiles and genuine good mornings of people who like their jobs of at least two other employees, it was quite possibly three, one of which was a manager/supervisor.
At the place of lawn equipment I was looking at tillers of which they had four and all four were different brands but similar to the ones I saw at Lowes.

One electric (Cheaper than Lowes)
One battery operated (The same prices as Lowes)
One two-cycle standard gas/fuel mix (more expensive than Lowes, though not by much)
One four-cycle regular gas mix (The same prices as Lowes)
Ah, but the majorest difference was the four cycle was a honkin' huge, regular gas 5.5 horsepower 135 cc lawn mower engine sized engine garden tiller that can convert from 13 inches to 22 inches to 24 inches by adjusting and/or removing the blades. Not only that, another girl smiling the genuine smile and good morninging the genuine good morning of the person who not only likes where they work but LOVES the department they are working in helps me out and strikes up conversation concerning her and her husband's own garden and how she would probably purchase the same model I was vaguely drooling over because she wanted a bigger garden. We talked pest control and organic gardening and what we plant and how we did last year due to the drought and other things. Then she found me a cart, helped me lift the tiller I ended up ultimately purchasing, took me over to a desk to get some paperwork done, where two other employees good morninged me and smile the genuine smiles of people who liked where they work at.

So, did you notice anyone say anything to me in the part about Lowes? No? Me either, not a single "Good morning," and certainly not a "Have a nice day." I did notice that Lowes is looking for employees...

What this longer than lost post from Yours Savagely boils down to is I am willing to spend more money (not that I did) at a place where there is genuine customer service than at a place where I know where everything is.


Kimberly said...

I have recently found out that Lowe's isn't the low price leader in area for home improvement needs. Just saying.

Jane Droll said...

dude. the retail experience can be so bad sometimes. and sometimes SO GOOD.

i work in an art gallery. sometimes i am friendly. sometimes i am not as friendly as i should be. [lame excuse -- most of our clients are super wealthy. and sometimes super rude. it can be very TRYING to deal with them. but they pay my salary, so i should just do what needs to be done] i know i should try harder, and i have been told that i NEED to be extra friendly. i usually strive to be polite, informative, helpful, and EFFICIENT. i don't want to be FAKE. you know? it is tricky to achieve the right balance. or maybe i (and people like the ones you encountered at lowe's) really shouldn't work around the public if they can't pony up!


OMG kimberly's pic of nikki sixx. ?!?!!??! lol! he is a dj on a radio show here and HIS VOICE DRIVES ME CRAZY. it is like a 50 year old spicoli!

BlazngScarlet said...

I generally walk OUT of places like that.
Not that I want or need a salesperson to be all over me, but a "good morning" or a smile goes a looooooong way in where I CHOOSE to spend my money.

Pearl said...


I will go out of my way to patronize a store where the workers are happy.