Monday, May 6, 2013


Okay, so I've only been doing project 100 for just over a week now and thought you/I can't really see the results yet I can feel them.
More energy? Not so much.
It's my jeans. Yep. I have a pair of jeans I bought that were just too small but I have had to, in the recent past, grab a couple sticks of butter to slide them on, simply because everything else was dirty. Now, however, they aren't so tight. I can breath with them on. This has only been one week (plus a day). No aerobic exercise has been included as of yet.
100 of any exercise may see like a lot . It is but the results are there. You don't have to do 100. You can do 20 reps or 10 or whatever. But do them every day and build it up.
Exercise is cumulative.


BlazngScarlet said...

Tell that to my aching abs!!!
Every damn day .....

Jane Droll said...

omfg. that is so encouraging. maybe this will motivate me to try harder.

i have been going for walks lately. just 30 minutes. i hate all the stupid hills, but i feel so great afterwards, that it is worth it. EXCEPT i walk past the creepiest house ever that makes me think that there are kidnappers (OR WORSE) inside. yes, i have an active imagination. and i am going to start carrying a billy club or something on these walks!