Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tricks and Tips "They" Don't Want You to Know About

Unless you're allergic (in that case disregard, unless you're freaking, psychotically masochistic and like the thought of anaphylaxis) or under that age of one then honey is a wonderful cure-most, not just a tasty treat in teas, on pancakes or on your lover's naughty bits.
Honey has antimicrobial enzymes that work wonders on wounds as a poultice. It cleans out nasty infections pretty damn quick. There is a sterilized, expensive form of honey used in the treatment of diabetic wounds.
But wait. There's more. Honey also works on coughs just as well and in some cases better than major labeled cough syrup.
Got an infected wound and are too cheap to see a doctor or have a nasty, dry cough and don't like the taste of cough syrup? Honey is your answer. So slather it on and bandage it up or chug it down.

I loves me some pickles but vinegar isn't just for pickling, German food, marinades or vinaigrette. Mixed with water and a tiny amount of dish soap it makes some of the best glass/general purpose cleaner on the planet.
Have heartburn? Chronically? Are we talking in the acid reflux category?
Mix about a shot's worth of apple cider vinegar in with a tall glass of your favoritus juice and slam it down. You could get all crazy like me and take white vinegar straight up but I don't recommend it.
And that's all for... wait? What? Oh yeah. Heartburn isn't caused by too much acid in your digestive system. It's caused by a lack of acid. If your diet consists of a heavy amount of wonderfully, greasy fried or processed foods then chances are your stomach isn't going to be able to produce enough acid to cover the job. It needs support. It's kinda like calling in a strafing when your ground troops are getting riddled with bullets and shrapnel.

I may have more next time kiddies...


Heff said...

Fortunately my bullets and shrapnel still make it to the pool just fine.

BlazngScarlet said...

Vinegar for heartburn eh?
Hmmm ....i'll have to try that!

Soren Ambrose said...

You're starting to remind me very much of a friend o' mine who's become one of the greatest motivated/motivating individuals I've ever met. "Savage the Wise"